no more things to say.
no more words to explain.
no more tears to shed.
no more actions to regret.

if everything's getting worse that's my problem and not yours
if you are ashamed of what you did to me, come, apologize and that's it
if you don't wanna see how my heart stops to beat turn arround & go your way

i swear i'm gonna be ok
i swear i'll forget everything
i swear you'll never hear of me again

remember one day my breath was for you
remember one day i opened my eyes just to see you
remember one day i walked just to walk rigth on your side
remember one day i said ''i love you'' just to let the others know

and since this moment i'm gonna ask you a favor.
don't call me.. but don't erase my number
don't come to visit me.. but don't forget where do i live
don't mention me in your conversations [dosen't matter if i'm there or not].. but don't forget my name
tell everybody you've forgotten me... but don't do it for real...

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osoo dijo...

algo para los enamorados si???
por favor